You have been asked to provide feedback to a colleague or your line manager via the on-line 360 degree feedback tool. Here’s some information on how to do it effectively.

These guidelines will enable you to give feedback that will provide great value and benefit to the person who has asked you. It also tells you about the process steps you will need to take.

Your feedback is important as it is linked to a management development course that is being provided by St. James’s Place and will help the participant build a development plan as a result of attending the course.


You can be assured of complete confidentiality. We have taken a number of steps to ensure this:

  • The on-line 360° feedback tool is managed by an external third party provider. Nobody within your organisation will have access to your individual response.
  • Scores and answers are only identified by respondent groups e.g. “direct reports” or “colleagues” and the report does not attribute anything to individuals. The only exception to this rule is the line manager’s feedback.

Responding to a request for feedback – the process.

The link from within the e-mail that brought you to this landing page is securely coded so that only you can access the questionnaire (please do not forward this link to anyone else). You do not need to login to the system to complete a respondent feedback questionnaire.

You must answer every question, including the narrative text questions. The system will not accept your input as complete if any questions are left blank. If you do not feel qualified to answer a particular question due to the nature of your relationship with the individual you have the option to tick “Don’t Know” and that particular response will be discounted in the feedback report. However, if you feel that you are unable to comment on a particular competency due to the reporting structure with the individual, before responding with “Don’t Know” please consider whether you have observed that competency in other areas of your working relationship on a day-to-day basis.

We recommend that you fill in the questionnaire fairly quickly without dwelling on each question too much, as your initial response is normally the right one. You can save your work at any time but you must keep the email that contains the link or you will not be able to access it again. If you lose it, then you can ask for it to be resent.

Once your questionnaire is completed it will be locked and you cannot access it again. However, in the event of a serious mistake you should contact employeedevelopment@sjp.co.uk to arrange for it to be unlocked.